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Day 1

Leave our base camp “Oberon Lodge “ in Merrijig head out for some of the finest singles our backyard has to offer.  It starts at our back gate straight to Lake William Hovell. We take in Tomahawk Hut, ride the “Cambodia” line & Lunch on the Delatite River.  We continue  onto the cracking singles around Sawmill Settlement, ride “The Tunnel”, before we make our way back to Oberon Lodge.

Day 2

Leave our base camp “Oberon Lodge “ in Merrijig, heading toward Sheepyard Flat, dropping into check out who’s home at Fry’s Hut ( 1 of the last original cattleman huts in the area). Heading further south we begin to tackle the ridges & valleys, passing through the old slate mine, before our descent into Upper Jamieson River.  Climbing again up onto the side of Mt Skene where we’ll enjoy lunch either on the river or on the mountain (weather dependant). We start to make our way in to the ever challenging terrain of the Black River, before the oasis of the Woodspoint township greets us.

Day 3

Depart the charismatic Commercial Hotel, we head North toward Frenchmans Gap, down German Spur, before the ascension onto Mt Terrible. Taking in the superb views looking to the back of Mt Buller, glimpsing the Delatite Valley, & looking across to Mt Matlock & Mt Skene is all part of the package offered on this ridge. We begin our decent on of the “Super Fire Break” ridgeline rides, ending up at the Jamieson Brewery for a hard earned Burger & chips on the lakeside views of Lake Eildon. Last stretch home includes 1 last crossing of the Howqua River at Running Creek, before we enter Dungeon Gully, climbing up past Homestation Creek, finishing our day for a cold one at the Hunt Club Hotel.  


Day 4

Rest day , bike service general recharge before we head to Dargo

Day 5

Leave our base camp “ Oberon Lodge “ in Merrijig, we head east climbing Mt No3, heading down to the King river. The 1st of many crossings! We traverse across the West face of the stunning Mt Cobbler, before ascending to the rear of the Vikings, where we get our 1st glimpse Billy Goats Bluff across in the horizon when we come to terms with the massive scale the Victorian High Country.  We descend onto West Buffalo River, making our way in the mysterious Wonnangatta Valley. The mountains get real from here on, with big mountain climbs, awesome ridge riding with some spectacular views of the Howitt High Plains, Billy Goats Bluff, The Pinnacles & more.  We drop in for a well earned beer at the Dargo Hotel.

Day 6

We tackle some of the old gold mine history that is embedded in the deserted townships of Grant & Bulltown, before we understand why the Crooked River is named as such after crossing it19 times.  We ascend for the sky again looking forward to lunch at the top of Mt Blu Rag (1726m & weather permitting).  Finishing our Day 2 by the luxurious poolside bar & outdoor area called the Harrietville Hotel.

Day 7

We begin the journey west amongst the hills, finalising our lunch spot on the West Buffalo River. We stop & admire 1 of the most spectacular waterfalls in the high Country, Dandongadale Falls, continuing  onto Lake Cobbler, & tackling the mighty Staircase decent. Craigs Hut is our last point of call to admire the distance & beauty of the ground we’ve covered in the preceding days. Must be competent on tour!


  • A reliable, registered trail bike (rec rego normally ok).

  • A valid motorcycle license or learners permit.

  • A sense of adventure!


  • 7 day guided High Country Trail Bike Tour

  • 7 nights accommodation (8th on request)

  • 7 breakfasts & lunches, 7 dinners

  • All trail snacks and refreshments (excludes alcohol)

  • Support vehicle/s and crew

  • Experienced Guide/Sweep Riders

  • All premium fuel after first tank

  • National Parks / State Forests fees

  • The best trail bike riding of your life!

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